How to Create Folder "CON" or "AUX" or "NULL"

Hey I am gonna show a little trick about your computer. 

Ever tried to create a folder "CON" or "AUX" or "NUL".
Tried now??? - not working 

here you go with a simple method to stop this anxiety..

Rename folder from the right click option........
Now press ALT and press 255...
Press 255 from the right side of the keyboard i.e, Num pad where only numbers are write con and then press enter.....yayyy!! you'll see a con folder in your pc and also you can delete it easily.

How this works -:

The matter why we cannot create files or folders by using some names because there are some system based files which are already present there and so we cannot use these keywords.

Now here the problem was solved by using ALT button. ALT + any number is called an ALT tag and here ALT + 255 creates a blank space and due to this the name of the file or folder will now no more contradict to the one present in the system.

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