How to disable BlueTicks in WhatsApp?

Hi there last seen hiders ;)

I know it has become very tough for you all because WhatsApp brought up a new feature of BlueTick which I know can prove a full stop to many relationships :D.

So guys don't worry I am here to help you out from this to some extend. So moving on, first I will show you how things look like in this.

Now this blue tick in the above picture gives a confirmation that the message I sent was seen by the other person. Don’t get confuse in double tick and blue double tick. Let’s make it more clear.

Now I think you all are clear what the actual difference is. So now how to disable BlueTicks. If someone think that if he disable the net and read WhatsApp messages and then close WhatsApp and again turn on the net then guysss....that really won't work in this case and also there is no sense in turning your net off for reading messages on WhatsApp and again turning it on.

There are simple ways to disable these blue ticks.

Wake up...!!!! Don’t upgrade your WhatsApp to the newer version or if done then also I have a solution to just download the older version of WhatsApp which is not upgraded with these blue ticks.

Now don't just download a very old version of WhatsApp because it won't work. Download the last update of WhatsApp or just ask any of your friend who is still safe from any big trauma to help you by providing last update of WhatsApp.  

Note: The Above method is a temporary solution for disabling the Blue Tick Problem in WhatsApp, Sooner or Later, WhatsApp will force you to update to the Latest version of WhatsApp and if you don’t update to the Latest version you won’t be able to use WhatsApp

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