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You all might be using a couple of free tools on internet for converting word to PDF file or PDF to word file. A few days ago become so famous on internet but then most of the users were facing some issues while using the service. The issues were like the were not receiving the converted file on their mail id which is a topic to worry. So guys here  I have some easy steps for you all to quickly convert word to PDF file or PDF to word

Converting word to pdf

This is the simplest among all. Microsoft word has now included this functionality as in built. The steps are easy and as described below : 

1.  Click on Save As button when you want to save you document.

2.  Click on browse button. In the save as type select PDF(.pdf) and click on save.

this is the most simplest way to save a word file in pdf format. But this option is available in office 2010 and higher version. for office 2007 and below version there are many plugins as:

1. Microsoft's plug in to save as pdf : Microsoft it self provide a plugin for office 2007 to save your word file as PDF. You can download the plugin from this link 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS.

2.  CutePDF : CutePDF is a plugin similar to the one released by Microsoft as a explained above. To download the plug click on this link. CutePDF writer free download. After downloading the .exe file, double click and install the product. After installing it will show the following message in a dialog box. 

Don't get irritated, just click on ok and it will just download some supporting bits and then it is ready to work. You will find all the steps for how to use this smart plug in under this link. 

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