Motivation by The Social network movie(2010)

Hi guys and pretty girls,

Ya ya I know it's my technical blog then why i am sharing my workarounds with you all. Its simple, sometimes you just want to write what you feel rather than sharing it verbally. So here I start.

It's really going good. I am doing my so called support job though I am good at programming and that also in a software company, chatting with friends hanging around, etc. In all these, while watching a video over youtube on life of Mark Zuckerberg, I found that there is a movie made on this guy, "The Social Network". I searched a torrent link and downloading starts. Its there for you also.

There were many things going in my mind while my eyes on the downloading speed at my screen. A job in which I am least interested. I wanted to go Bangalore and work with my best friend, my salary is really very low, and then there was a message on my whats app by my friend "Can you please book a train ticket for me?". I must say, SOME girls are too mean. and that too when you are in the same city and not in touch after the college. In this situation what matters for that girl is how can I "USE" my friends who are with me in that city. 

Listen, it was not more than a 10 min task for me to book a ticket while having a high speed broadband and snapshots of her debit cards, what matter is that it's being 10 to 12 times she only calls me or message me whenever she wanted to book a train ticket. Oo man I am software engineer in a Multinational company not a ticket vendor. 

Don't ask me what I did next. It was same what I written above I replied her on whats app. Wait guys. My screen showed 100% download. ;) 

I started the movie. I had an awesome experience, I was so much motivated that I didn't got sleep till 3 in night. The way Mark got a so innovative idea and his commitment to complete that and at the end he started his so powerful website as "TheFacebook". A true programmer I must say. I am not at all doing any promotion of this movie. Also I as an engineer had heard many motivational speeches before but as a human I needed a real image of hard-work, integrity and commitment. It just takes a innovative idea to step into the heaven of success and an intelligent brain to implement it. I loved it and it made my day, or I can say my night ;). 

After completing I will not say something very big, but I will try and do something so that at the end of my life I shouldn't die with a regret that I was just a ordinary man who's gonna remembered by none.


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