How to change a computer name, join a domain, and add a computer description in Windows Server

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I am back with some latest tips and codes for you. Today I am going to tell you all on something related to Windows server related. So here we go with the process to put a system under a particular domain\Active Directory :-

1. Go to control panel and click on network and sharing center. There on the top left side click on change adapter setting. 

2. On the new window right click on the Ethernet option and click properties. Double click on the internet protocol version 4(TCP\IPv4).

3. Under this, check “use the following DNS server address” and mention the IP of the Active Directory\Domain address in which you want to add your system.

4. Usually we use static IP’s for Active Directories and so for all the other system under this Active Directory use dynamic IP address. Therefore check “Obtain an IP address automatically”.

5. Press OK button twice.

6. Then Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

7. Click on “change setting” under the Computer name, domain and workgroup settings.

8. Check the radio button before Domain and write the complete domain name there. For e.g.:

9. Click ok and a dialog box will appear which will ask for the credentials of the domain\administrator.

10. Type the credentials and click on Ok twice and the system will restart after that.

11. The system is then successfully under a particular domain. To save any further conflicts or any error any make an entry of this system into to DNS of the active directory both in forward lookup and reverse lookup.

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